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Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Care

Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Care It happened again. Big surprise. A comedian tried to be funny and diabetes was the punchline. He doesn’t care that it upsets those of us with diabetes and neither do most of the people on this planet, unless they are touched by diabetes. Of course, our …

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Reality Check

Reality Check I remember an instance as a young girl when I stubbornly refused to do what I knew was right because I wanted things to go my way, and I paid the price. My family was going to go to the Orange County Fair and I was SO excited! …

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Success and “Not Success”

Success and “Not Success” I was going to title this post “Success and Failure” but this isn’t about failing; it’s about lack of success. There’s a big difference.   People with diabetes work hard to “do what’s right” concerning their condition. We may take the required meds, make changes to …

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Appearances *As I began to write this post, I realized that I had never mentioned here that my mother passed away on August 6th. She made it past her 98th birthday and had a good life. This hasn’t been an easy summer but I’m doing ok (and so is Ray). …

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Shared Medical Appointments

Shared Medical Appointments Doctor appointments are not something that most of us look forward to attending. We’re poked, prodded, weighed and asked lots of questions that we might not feel like answering. The idea of doing any of that in the presence of others doesn’t sound like something I would …

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They Lie due to diabetes

They Lie due to diabetes People with diabetes live their lives with numbers; HbA1c, glucose meter readings, weight, lab results, etc. It sucks, to be honest. But I noticed something this morning that made me stop and think, that in a way, those numbers can lie to us.   Have …

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Focus: Taking Care

Focus: Taking Care I remember a time when I had young children, a full time job and took night classes in business. There was rarely a day when I wasn’t busy doing something: cooking dinner, laundry and dishes, making lunches, helping with and doing homework, reading with my kids and …

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