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Does it Measure up? A digital scale review

It’s mid-afternoon and you really want a snack. You have many options, one of which is something in a bag which requires you to pull out “a serving” that equals 8g of carbs. If that serving is “approx. 15 pieces”, how many of you actually count the pieces? Yeah, I …

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That isn’t me.

There’s a guy who says he controls his type 2 diabetes by shunning trans fats and eating a handful of walnuts every day. Good for him. That isn’t me. Some people with diabetes swear that adding cinnamon to their daily lives helps them to maintain healthier blood glucose readings. Bravo! …

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I resolve to not make New Year’s resolutions. (See what I did there?) I have, however, been doing some thinking lately about what I’d like to see in my life during 2015. It’s no secret that 2014 was a difficult year for me. Looking back, it wasn’t awful, just not …

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