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Battling stigma from without and within

I’m feeling a certain level of sadness and disconnect; a bit like I’m not one of the group. Due to the fact that November is National Diabetes Awareness month and November 14thwas World Diabetes Day, this disease has recently gotten a lot of attention. This attention wasn’t just coming from …

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Moving past the meh

Yesterday, I kicked butt and took names when it came to being active. I gladly jumped up on the treadmill and walked FAST and UPHILL for 30 minutes. I felt great! Today, I ache all over and not because of yesterday’s exercise. Yes, I have a few sore muscles but …

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Stem the Tide

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. It’s a month when advocates try to raise awareness of diabetes, more so than the rest of the year. November is exhausting. Either you bust your gut trying to do more, advocate more, plead more, educate more…just more. Or, you do your usual thing, …

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It’s a matter of taste

I have spoken before how, over the course of several years, I’ve slowly changed what I eat. I have always adored bread. I used to eat too-large portions of pasta. Muffins. Potatoes. Cookies. Other stuff. Things have changed. I’ve found replacements or adjustments to a lot of my previous carb-heavy …

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