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The Truth about Type 2 Diabetes

·        You did not “do this to yourself”. ·        Yes, your lifestyle before your diagnosis most likely helped you toward developing type 2 diabetes. (There are ways to develop type 2 that have nothing to do with weight etc., but they are the minority.) ·        Go back and read the …

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Diabetes: Not to be ignored

Have you ever experienced a situation like this: Someone is speaking and they are truly annoying? You would simply love to ignore them but the information they are conveying is important. You shouldn’t ignore them.  How about when you’re on a jury panel and the judge is reading the expectations …

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A Better Way

I found it; a better way. I’ve been slogging through my days, dealing with the suck that is my mother’s life. (I won’t rage here about how useless this seems to be and how much I don’t see the point of life when it’s near the end and days are …

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