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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Another holiday has come and gone.  Another day filled with family, laughter, nostalgia and…food.  I could write about what I did that was good, or bad.  I could feel remorse for something eaten that wasn’t in “my plan”.  I could beat my chest and crow about “good numbers”.  I could …

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I’ve checked my blood sugar, now what?

As a follow up to my last post about how the establishment is beginning to spout more realistic guidelines for people with diabetes, I want to talk about blood sugar testing.  No one enjoys poking their fingers and bleeding.  No one.  However, just like watching what we eat and adding …

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The ship, she begins to turn

Most people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes don’t bother to do research to determine how best to control their condition, at least that’s my gut feeling.  My gut is backed up by what my healthcare provider tells me is the norm in her practice as well as what …

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