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Will the real Kate please stand up?

From time to time I go back and read some of my previous blog posts.  There are two reasons for this: 1. It’s interesting to see what folks are reading on my blog and 2. It helps me to stay focused on what I’m doing and to remember where I’ve …

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Insulin Envy

This past week I had the distinct honor of attending the first-ever type 2 diabetes blogger summit.  It was an amazing opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and learn about a new insulin delivery system designed specifically with type 2 diabetics in mind.  I will definitely blog about the experience soon …

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It’s not neglect: A Disclosure

I’ve been busy!  It feels as if I’ve been neglecting my blog, and I guess I have.  It’s not for lack of things to say or ideas to convey, it’s more that I’ve been focusing on other writing.  I have found other ways to advocate. I thought it was time …

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